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EDGF European Disc Golf Championship is a top tier international event with 300+ participants from more than 26 European countries. It will be held from August 11th to August 14th 2021 in the Konopiště castle park, near Benešov, Czech Republic. It is both one of the most important and biggest events not only in Europe, but in the whole world. European Disc Golf Championship was first held in 1997 in Stockoholm, the one at Konopiště will be the 13th.

Players will compete on two championship-level temporary courses which will be set up for the event in the Konopiště castle park. Both are well-established among the disc golf community thanks to the Konopiště Open events in the past.

Main organizer is the Czech Disc Golf Association z.s.

The organizing team consists of Czech Disc Golf association representatives and members of numerous Czech disc golf clubs who were helping with Konopiště Open events in the past or played European Disc Golf Championship in other countries. More than 50 organizers and volunteers will be helping with the event on site. We also cooperate very closely with the town of Benešov.

About Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a sport or a game which is based on regular golf. But instead of balls, clubs and holes, disc golfers use special disc golf discs (frisbees) and disc golf targets. The goal is very similar – to get the disc from the tee to the target in the least amount of throws. Whoever has the lowest score after playing the whole course (9 to 18 holes) wins. Currently there are 106 permanent disc golf coruses in the Czech Republic and more are being built. There were more than 150 tournaments in the Czech Republic in 2020 alone and there are more and more members of the Czech Disc Golf Association.

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In late 2010 we discovered disc golf. And we fell in love. We made it our goal to make it the next Czech national sport. We kept in our minds ever since, building over 60 disc golf courses, organizing dozens of tournaments and teaching thousands of disc golfers. European Disc Golf Championship was the obvious next step and we are very glad we got the chance.

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