Location – Konopiště

The Konopiště castle park is located on the western side of Benešov, approximately 40 kilometers southeast from Prague.

The tournament center is located in Hotel Nová Myslivna, its address is Konopiště 22, Benešov 25601.

Opening ceremony will be held on Tuesday August 10th 2021 at 20.00 and it will be online because of COVID related restrictions.


There is a huge car park right next to the park. The small parking lot next to Hotel Nová Myslivna is only for hotel guests.


There are two hotels in the immediate proximity of the park – Hotel Nová Myslivna (also the tournament centre) and hotel Benica (which is next to Franz Ferdinand’s hole 10). There is a small camping ground for 20 tents next to the tournament centre. There are many more hotels in the town of Benešov.


There is a self-service restaurant in Hotel Nová Myslivna and there are many fast food stands around the car park. 100 meters from Franz Ferdinand’s 18th target is a renowned hunting restaurant called Stará Myslivna. There are many more restaurants in the centre of Benešov.

Whole Konopiště area offers many activites and attractions for players and their company alike. We will present them on this website as time goes on.

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