Konopiště diaries
The history of disc golf in Konopiště began in 2013. Brothers Kryštof and Přemek Novák and their friend, Michal Grepl, wanted to do a tournament in the Czech Republic on a level that they had recently experienced in Finland. A big tournament that would draw the public’s attention to disc golf. The first-ever tournament in...
This year’s tournament in Konopiště will be the biggest ever. The European Championships are a huge commitment for us and it is not in the power of one or two people to organize an event of this magnitude. It takes an entire team of eight people, each of us with our own responsibilities. As leader...
The Konopiště castle park is just next to the town of Benešov, which is approximately 40 km south-east from Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Whole manor is known as the place of last residence of archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este – heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne – and his wife Sophie, who were assassinated...

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In late 2010 we discovered disc golf. And we fell in love. We made it our goal to make it the next Czech national sport. We kept in our minds ever since, building over 60 disc golf courses, organizing dozens of tournaments and teaching thousands of disc golfers. European Disc Golf Championship was the obvious next step and we are very glad we got the chance.

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