Current State of COVID and the 2021 EDGC


To all players, fans, volunteers and anyone else who is interested in this year’s upcoming European Disc Golf Championship.

Times are turbulent and everything is changing very fast. Right now, COVID-19 is slowing down in the Czech Republic, but gaining speed in most other European countries.

We are aware of the importance of communication towards all of you and we are sorry if you feel like you do not know what is going on with our event. But please trust us, we are working hard and doing our best to make this year’s EDGC possible, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

COVID in the Czech Republic

The pandemic has hit its third peak in our country on March 14th. Since then, the number of COVID positive cases is getting smaller, hospitals are freeing up space and the overall numbers are starting to look very optimistic. We know it is not over yet and our state still has strong restrictions intact – all restaurants, clubs and bars are closed, people are not allowed to meet with others (max 2) and most sports facilities (except disc golf courses and few others) are closed for public.

However, our country is slowly and catiously loosening up and the distribution of vaccines is growing faster. Professional sports events are allowed (with no spectators) and we expect amateur sport getting allowed in the upcoming month. Organizers can also apply for exceptions, we studied the process and are communicating with the National Sports Agency – so we know what to do in case we need to apply for an exception.

As for travelling to the Czech Republic from the EU and other European countries at the moment, there is an exception for professional sportsmen that have a confirmed invitation to a sports event that has been approved by the Czech National Sports Agency and our Ministry of Health. If this sportsman’s country is recognized as a high risk one (red / dark red), a PCR test is also needed after coming to the Czech Republic and wait for the result in quarantine. If the result is negative, that person can practice and attend the event.

With that said, restrictions and rules are often changing and it is hard to plan anything. That is one of the reasons why we were quiet and waited for things to sort out a bit.

COVID and the EDGC

As written above. We will do everything we can to make this year’s EDGC safe for everyone. The exact processes and regulations depend on the current pandemic state in Europe at the time of our event, but we can already say that all players, organizers and supporting staff will need to be tested multiple times during the event (every 2-3 days), except those already vaccinated.

We also encourage everyone to avoid contact with others and stay in small travelling groups (in national teams, or even smaller groups than national teams). That includes travel, accommodation, practice and anything else ethat comes to mind. In case someone has a positive test – only those who were in close contact with that person may need to drop out of the event and stay in quarantine. We will do our best to minimize the damage.

Our accommodation partners have reserved their capacity until May 20th, 2021 and that’s also the date when we will make our final decision regarding the event. So you can definitely expect another update from in the second half of May.

Disc golf is thriving, it is one of the safest sports and it would be a shame if the EDGC had to be postponed again. Our team is planning, doing research and working on a daily basis to make the event possible and safe for everyone. We hope to see you all in August 2021!

Thank you,
Krystof Novak, TD