Interview with captain of Czech Republic national team Jan Studnička


Hi Honza, I have a feeling you haven’t been on the disc golf scene for that long, so it’s possible people out there don’t know you yet. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into disc golf!

Hi! I am 27, I am originally from České Budějovice but I work in Prague now. I have always had close to frisbee and when our course in České Budějovice was build 5 years ago we had to try discgolf too. And we have never stopped playing. I am a member of Budweis discgolf club and during my spare time, besides doing sport, I also organize summer camps for children.

This year you are the captain of the Czech national team. What does that mean exactly?

Prvně bych rád řekl, že jsem kapitánem společně s Frantou Trenzem. Na starosti máme veškeré činnosti kolem reprezentace – pravidelné schůzky, soustředění, dresy a příprava na samotnou akci.

The last national team training camp took place last weekend in Konopiště. Did you get familiar with the courses?

We have tried to take advantage of being „home“ and that we could go to the course sooner than the others. We spent all weekend on the course practising every hole. We tried all types of shots and also tournament play.

I know you played, too, so I’ll ask you about your game. What do you say about the course? Did you have a hard time on Franz Ferdinand? 

The course itself is challenging for the best players and even more challenging for the average players like me. I played the course for the first time so the first day was tough but the second day was way better. The course is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what our players are going to show during the tournament.

I wonder what it looks like at the national team camps. What goes on there?

During training camps we try to focus on every aspect of the game – backhand, forehand but also strategic thinking during tournament play. Last training camp was obviously focused on learning the course and getting ready for EDGC.

How many camps have you already had this year?

We had two. The first one took place at Búřov and Komárno where we focused on strong and weak sides of our players and tried to elevate our game in general. The second one was, as you mentioned, on Konopiště.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it will be a premiere for you this year at Konopiště. Will you be available to players during the tournament? Are you going to work together on preparations?

Yes, it is going to be my first time. I have always watched the course and tournament on YouTube and now I can’t wait to be part of the action during the tournament. I will be ready to help our players at any time and I believe they know that already.

Because you are a coach, you definitely have the best overview of who did the best in the training tournament. Any performance worth mentioning?

First of all I have to say I am not a coach but more of a manager. Players of our national team are the best in our country and being a coach to them would be a tough task for me. I would like to make a shoutout to Jakub Veselý who won our small tournament a I wish him to repeat it in the tournament but all players deserve a praise and I know they will get even better.

But if I ask you about your favourite player, I’m guessing you’ll diplomatically tell me that you don’t want to put the player under pressure, right?

You are probably right. I do not want to get any players under uncessary pressure. I primarly want all of them to enjoy it but I believe we have chance in every category. Czech discgolf is unbelieavably growing every year and I would nice to confirm that with an international success. With that being said I would like to Jakub Semerád to his win at CEDCG and other players to their achievements.

Thank you so much for the interview. And the last question, what are you looking forward to the most at Konopiště this year?

Thank you for having me. I am definitely looking forward to Czech success the most.

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