Interview with Simon Lizotte


Hi Simon, great to have you back! This is your 4th time here. Are you excited about being in Konopiště once again, possibly for the last time?

Hi Peter, it just feels great to be back in Europe after two long years of no international travel. I definitely missed the feeling of being “home” a lot and I’m super happy to be back. I, of course, have many amazing memories from this place and I’m really looking forward to the event and to all four rounds. This course has a special place in my heart for sure and always will! Maybe my favorite place to play disc golf.

You’ve always finished strong in every tournament held here. I think everyone still remembers your incredible throw-in on hole number 17 and then your win after going into sudden death. What do you remember most from that tournament?

Yes, in 2016 something pretty crazy happened in the final round. It was one of these moments you just can’t plan or predict. I’m so glad it was captured on video so I can watch it again every now and then. It was a special event for me because it was the first big tournament my father came and watched and he also caddied for me all of the rounds. It’s a highlight of my disc golf career.

Have you been anywhere in Czechia outside of the places related to disc golf?

I’m pretty sure I’ve done at least one clinic here with Avery Jenkins a couple of years ago but I don’t remember 100% when and where. We’ve been to so many places that it gets tricky to remember everything. But for the most part I’ve only competed at the Konopiste events and I’ve spent some really fun nights in down town Prague. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had and I’d put Prague in my top 10 favorite cities I’ve seen so far.

You’ve had one free week after two Pro Tour events in the USA. Did you get some rest? Or did you practice even more for the European Championships?

The word “rest” doesn’t really seem to exist for me anymore.. haha. I am always very busy when I get home since we recently bought a house and there’s always something to work on. I didn’t play much disc golf besides some practice putting in the back yard. My body can’t handle playing every day right now.

And what about your elbow issue? How is that going for you?

My elbow is okay. I’m going to put a lot of work into that after this season again and hopefully next year it’ll be even better. I can’t throw with 100% power but I can still get it out there far enough to compete. It doesn’t bother me when I’m putting at all and I can even throw a good amount of sidearms now. Maybe not on every hole but here and there it’s good for me.

What are your plans after the tournament? Going to head to Germany for a while or is it straight back to the US?

I’m flying home to Germany for the first time in two years right after the event is over. I’m really looking forward to my “non disc golf friends” and family of course. I’m only going home for three days because I have to get back to Boston but I’m sure those three days will be great.

Discmania has made some huge announcements this year. What are you most excited about for the future of the company? And what about the new plastics? Have you switched over to any of the new Swedish-made Originals?

I’m really happy to be part of this team and company. I think there is a massive potential now and things are going to grow a lot in the next five years. The new products are world class and I’m looking forward to having a full lineup of the “new stuff”! It’s just super exciting and it feels like we now have “endless” possibilities. I’ve been messing around with the new plastic blends a bit but mostly will stick to the older stuff this season. Next year it’s getting more serious 🙂

COVID has sort of separated the European and US worlds of disc golf these last two years and a lot of people are eager to see how players from each will fare in the other. You’re in the unique position of being a part of both worlds. Whether it’s course design or culture in general, what are some of the biggest differences you see between US and EU disc golf?

It’s literally impossible for me to compare these two. I’ve been asked this question many times of course but thinking about it, it really doesn’t make much sense to even try and compare. The US is one country. Europe is a ton of countries with all very different disc golf scenes and extremely different cultures. Every place is awesome and special in its own way and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself!

Last year we saw a huge rise in collector activity in the Discmania world. In your videos, we often see that wall of discs behind you. Is that your collection? If so, what makes a disc valuable or collector-worthy for you and why?

Actually, I’ve never been a collector at all, haha 🙂 I probably have the smallest “collection” of any disc golf professional in the world. I wouldn’t even call it a collection to be honest. I don’t understand the collectors market at all and it really confuses me on why and how that works. Discs aren’t that special to me. I see them, and I want to throw them. That’s about as far as that goes.

Thanks so much for taking the time to “talk” with me. Best of luck out there on the course and with the rest of your season. As we like to say in Czech, “At to lita!” (Something like “May your discs fly true!”)

Thank you!

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