Introducing the main partner – and Discmania


Many of us have probably heard of the proDiscgolf brand. It is one of three large brick-and-mortar/online retailers specializing in disc golf in the Czech Republic. Since its opening, the store has changed places and even cities, but finally settled on the corner of Jiráskova and Divadelní Streets in Nový Jičín. This has made it the only place in Moravia to buy disc golf equipment in person.

At first, they focused their offering on Innova and Discmania, but over time the selection has grown to include almost every brand on the market. In addition to the shop, it is also the center of disc golf in Nový Jičín and also the headquarters for the Moravian Gators club. The proDiscgolf tent is also a common feature at 1st- and 2nd league tournaments.

The company also has the reputation of being the main organizer of all large tournaments in Konopiště. Driven by their desire to grow disc golf in the Czech Republic from the very beginning, the guys at proDiscGolf have also built dozens of courses throughout the country.

Discmania entered the market in 2006, when Jussi Maresmaa decided to pursue a vision he had held for a long time, with the help of his strong background in marketing. Those who know anything about the brand have probably heard about how certain molds became extremely popular and then, due to production issues, extremely rare—especially the P2 putter, the FD fairway driver and the PD2 distance driver. Not owning their own production facility, for 15 years Discmania produced their discs through a strong partnership with Innova—with results that both companies could be very proud of. This relationship ended in 2021, shining a stronger light on the partnerships Discmania made in 2019 with Latitude 64 (Evolution Line) and Yikun Discs (Active Line). In 2021, Discmania also entered the European market and announced the completion of their own factory and that they would be taking over the production of their discs in the near future.

The joint EDGF 2021 European Disc Golf Championship, European Masters Disc Golf Championship and European Junior Disc Golf Championship is organized by ČADG with the support of the following partners: NSA, Středočeský kraj, Discmania, Kostka Stav s.r.o.,, město Benešov, Discgolfpark, Lesy ČR a.s., PDGA, EDGF, and Kofola a.s. We are grateful to all sponsors.