Introducing the main partner – The National Sports Agency


The National Sports Agency (NSA) is the central administrative authority of the Czech Republic. It was established in 2020 and since then has been gradually taking over the entire system of financial support and sports planning that previously were taken care of by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Historically, sport was a responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Interior and Defense, so the agency was simplified to make Czech sports more transparent.

The main task is to properly set up subsidy programs and to ensure cooperation between sports clubs and local government. The goal of the agency is to achieve a harmonious sports environment that will educate successful top athletes representing our country abroad, but also support recreational athletes.

The main advisory body is the National Council for Sport, which consists of 27 members tasked with helping shape the future of Czech sport. The Council also includes several Czech sports legends, such as hockey player Jaromír Jágr, football player Pavel Nedvěd, cross-country skier Kateřina Neumannová, javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková, and tennis player Radek Štěpánek.

This year, the National Sports Agency provided us with a subsidy of more than CZK 1.8 million. Without this support, a tournament with such media coverage would most likely not be possible. We would like to thank them for the grant and for the excellent cooperation we have received.

The joint EDGF 2021 European Disc Golf Championship, European Masters Disc Golf Championship and European Junior Disc Golf Championship is organized by ČADG with the support of the following partners: NSA, Středočeský kraj, Discmania, Kostka Stav s.r.o.,, město Benešov, Discgolfpark, Lesy ČR a.s., PDGA, EDGF, and Kofola a.s. We are grateful to all sponsors.