Introducing the team behind EDGC


This year’s tournament in Konopiště will be the biggest ever. The European Championships are a huge commitment for us and it is not in the power of one or two people to organize an event of this magnitude. It takes an entire team of eight people, each of us with our own responsibilities. As leader of this team, Kryštof Novák will kick off the interview by explaining what he takes care of.

Next is Petr Tanka, the assistant director, who mostly takes care of the financial side of the whole event. I’ll be talking to Petr in a later interview, where he’ll go into detail about just what is required to finance a tournament of this size.

Our third member is Michal Grepl, who we’ll also get to know better through my interview with him. He’s in charge of the part of the event that everyone notices: the course itself. He and his team build the course and make sure it’s in a condition fitting for such a prestigious tournament. He is also the last to leave, since the course needs to be dismantled afterwards. This year, Michal’s job is even more demanding—he has two courses to put together.

The European Championships will be held on the main, Franz Ferdinand course, one we all know and love from previous years, and the Master and Female Junior divisions will play on a new, second course—Konopiště Meadows. Marek Budík will be overseeing the tournament on this course and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Getting any huge tournament like this one off the ground is impossible without the tons of amazing volunteers. You’ll see them running all over the course all weekend, with their signature EC STAFF t-shirts. To let volunteers know what, where, when and how to do everything, they need guidance. Michal Studnička will be their go-to person this year.

With his long history of organizing sporting events of all kinds, we’re thankful to have Přemysl Novák on the team with us as an expert consultant and advisor.

If you see a video or photo from Konopiště, Tomáš Valík will most likely have something to do with it. If you manage to see his face over the weekend, count yourself lucky— will most likely spend most of the weekend hidden behind a camera or a computer screen.

And the last member is me, Petr Masník. I’m the one who’ll write the articles and press releases, interview people involved and make sure everyone on social media stays up to date.

The joint EDGF 2021 European Disc Golf Championship, European Masters Disc Golf Championship and European Junior Disc Golf Championship is organized by ČADG with the support of the following partners: NSA, Středočeský kraj, Discmania, Kostka Stav s.r.o.,, město Benešov, Discgolfpark, Lesy ČR a.s., PDGA, EDGF, and Kofola a.s. We are grateful to all sponsors.