How to qualify

EDGC/EMDGC/EJDGC is a X-tier event and all players need to be nominated by their national disc golf governing bodies. There are two way to earn a spot – as an Individual Spot or as a National SpotIn both cases each player needs to satisfy all eligibility requirements of European Disc Golf Federation (EDGF) as per 2020 EDGC/EMDGC Format & Standards and 2020 EDGC/EMDGC Spot Distribution Rules and also any additional eligibility requirements imposed by the National Disc Golf Governing Body of the player’s country. For both types of spots a waiting list is created (for individuals in case of Individual Spots and for countries in case of National Spots) and any vacated spots due to cancellations will be offered to the first on the waiting list. All spots are division specific, i.e., each country or a player is offered a spot in a particular division and the spot cannot be used in any other division (some players may be offered Individual Spots in multiple divisions – if they qualify for them; these players need to select one of these divisions). The only exceptions from division specific spots are the National Spots in MP40+ and FP40+ that can be used by each country in any mixed (MP40+ spots) and any female (FP40+) masters division. 

In general the system of spot distribution is rather simple. All the spots were first distributed between individual divisions based on the formula that takes into an account the size of the player field in Europe and the size of the competitive player field in Europe in each division. For 2020 the spot distribution between the individual divisions is: 36 FPO, 100 MPO, 10 FJ18, 34 MJ18 (EDGC – 180 players total), 28 FP40, 40 MP40, 9 FP50, 24 MP50, 10 MP60, 9 MP65 (EMDGC – 120 players total).

In divisions with a large number of players in Europe and with many countries with competitive players in them (FPO, MPO, MJ18, FP40 and MP40) each European country with developed disc golf program will receive National Spots based on the number of eligible players in the given division in the country. The National Spots will not fill the whole capacity of the field in these divisions and the remaining spots will be distributed as Individual Spots to the current European Champions (from 2018) and to the players who are nominated by their respective countries and who have the highest PDGA rating in each division. This system thus provides spots for both the best European players but also to all European countries that have an eligible players in these divisions.  The number of Individual Spots was set to 5 FPO, 52 MPO, 4 MJ18, 8 FP40, 7 MP40, the remaining spots are National Spots. 

No National Spots are offered in the remaining divisions (FJ18, FP50, MP50, MP60, MP65) as the allocated size of the division is not sufficient for a proper representation of all European countries. In all these divisions only the current European Champions and the highest PDGA rated players nominated by their countries will earn Individual Spots.  Thus in these divisions only the most competitive players in Europe will be able to compete. However, contrary to the past, these players will not anymore need to compete for the spots with players from other divisions in their country. Also, it is still possible for each country to use their MP40/FP40 National Spots for older age divisions if they prefer so. 

Note that in MJ18/FJ18 all players who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to compete regardless of their PDGA Am/Pro status. This option will allow all the best European junior players to compete for the junior title. This provision will be realized through a technical trick – the juniors will compete in a formally separate PDGA event in the MPO/FPO division that will be limited only for the qualified juniors (with no cash prizes, of course). 
Also players from less developed European disc golf countries had a chance to participate in divisions with National Spots if they have any eligible players. However, this option was not used by any player for 2020 EDGC/EMDGC. 

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