Individual Spots

Individual Spots are distributed to the current European Champions and the the highest PDGA rated players  in each division. However, all players need to be first nominated for an Individual Spot by their national disc golf governing bodies. The deadline for the nomination of players for Individual Spots is November 18, 2019. The list of nominated players is public and can be found in this document.

If any of the eligible European players feel that they were not nominated by their respective national disc golf governing body  (NDGGB) by a mistake, they need to contact their NDGGB immediately. All NDGGB have 7 days until November 25, 2019 to update their nomination lists. On that day the list of nominated players will freeze and no further nominations will be allowed. Players in each division will be sorted according to their then current PDGA ratings (after November 2019 update), their eligibility will be checked, and the current European Champions and the players with the highest PDGA rating (up to the number of available Individual Spots) will earn Individual Spots. In case of a multiple players with the same current PDGA rating the higher PDGA rating at the first time in the past when it happened decides the tie. All the remaining players in each division are ordered on the waiting list according to their then current rating and the waiting list will freeze as well, i.e. all further changes in PDGA ratings will be ignored. 

Note that there are maximal limits on how many players from one country can earn an individual spot in a particular division (excluding the current European Champions), the limits are 10 in MPO, 4 in MP50, and 3 in all other divisions. 

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