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Q: In 2018 we had more national spots at EDGC with a field of 200 than we have for 2020 with a 50% bigger field. How is that possible?

A: The national spots that are allocated for EDGC now distribute only approximately 160 spots out of the total 2020 event capacity of 300 spots. National spots are not awarded in FJ18, MP50, FP50, MP60 and MP65 at all, as the size of these divisions is smaller than number of the European countries with competitive players in the given division. Therefore, the published national spot distribution only partially covers the quota for most of the countries. 

The final number of allocated spots for each country will be only known (up to possible later changes due to cancellations) after the individual spots will be distributed in November. Only after that the countries will nominate their remaining players for the national spots. 
Right now EDGF is only performing a basic check, just to learn if some countries do not plan to come to EDGC 2020 at all, or they do not plan to send their players in some divisions despite the fact they have allocated spots. This check is by no way binding, it should just allow us to calculate more precisely the number of available individual spots in each division. 

Q: Is it possible right now to make an estimate which players will earn individual spots?

A: Yes, it is possible. The document contains a sheet for each division with the list of the highest players according to the players age in 2020. You can use also the data viewer at but with the current players age. There, make the selection you are interested in and check the current ratings of European players in that category.
Furthermore, there are imposed limits on how many players can earn individual spots in one division from a single country. The limits are 10 MPO, 4 MP50 and 3 in all other divisions (FPO, MJ18, FJ18, MP40, FP40, FP50, MP60, MP65). 

Q: One of our players is eligible (according to our criteria) for both MPO and MP40. Can he decide where he wants to play? 

A: Each player can receive a spot at EDGC only in one division. The national disc golf governing body can eventually nominate a player for a spot at EDGC in multiple divisions to maximize the chance for the player to qualify this may be particularly important for high rated MP40 players who may be able to receive an individual spot in MPO). However, in that case, the national association will need to indicate which division is the preferred division of play for the player. Thus. the decision to which division is the player nominated is up to the national association in agreement with the player. 

Each national spot is division specific, i.e. if a country has one national spot in MPO and one in MP40 they can use it as they want without any restrictions. Both can be awarded to 40+ years old players if the country decides to. 

Q: What about a player who according to our criteria is eligible for MPO but his age allows him to play MP50? Can he only start in MPO because that is where we have a spot? 

A: The rules say that the national spot can be used only in the specific division with one exception. To accommodate older players, EDGC allows the country to use their national spotsfor MP40 and FP40 for older aged divisions, i.e. if a country has two national spots for MP40, it can use one for MP40 and other e.g. for MP60. This provision should allow each country to better accommodate their players at EDGC. On the other hand, spots from MPO and FPO cannot be used in master aged divisions, as they are part of a different events (EDGC resp. EMDGC). Thus, there may be 40+ years old players who will not be able to earn spots in master aged divisions but they will be able to earn spots in MPO division. That may be possible, particularly given the large number of individual spots in MPO  and a limited number of individual spots in MP40. 

Q: What happens if a player nominated for a national spot will later earn an individual spot, or if a player with an inidividual spot in MPO will later receive an individual spot in other division? 

A: In that case the player will be able to switch division at that point, i.e. to accept the spot that will open. The previous spot will be redistributed, i.e. a national spot can be filled by another players from the same country and the individual spot will be offered to the first player on the waiting list in the given division. 

Q: How long is the list of nominated players supposed to be? As long as we like? And by what date do we need the list?

A: The deadline for nomination of players is November 18, 2019. How long should be the list? Only eligible players may be nominated, i.e. their current rating should be above 800 (male players except juniors) and 600 (female players except juniors), they  need to be current PDGA members and they also must satisfy the active players requirements. Furthermore they need to satisfy all your national criteria you want to enforce, and also they need to satisfy the nationality requirements (citizenship, permanent residence, etc. as detailed in the rules). However, you may want to limit the number of players you nominate, particularly if you provide them financial support, etc. Finally, in the published document  referred above we published the current ratings with the number of individual spots, i.e., you may have a rough idea, how many of your players do have a chance to receive the individual spot. From my experience with other event that has a similar qualification criteria (Central European Championship), typically the threshold reaches to 2.5-multiple of the the number of spots, i.e. if there are 10 spots, typically, players who are in top 25 (eliminating those who will likely play in other divisions) have a chance to receive a spot, it is very unlikely, more players will qualify, although, we are running this process on the European scale for the first time, so things may go differently. 

Q: When will players be invited for individual spots? 

A: No players will be invited. All players will need to be nominated by their countries for the individual spots by November 18, including the current European Champions. The nomination process provides the full control of the players participants to national disc golf governing bodies.

Q: What moment ratings will be taken into account in distribution of individual spots?

A: The November 2019 PDGA ratings will be used to sort the players.  The list will be frozen afterwards, so no more nominations will be allowed and also the ratings will be frozen, i.e. the order on the waiting list for individual spots will be fixed. 

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