Recapitulation of the third day

Today, we woke up to another sunny and, above all, unforgettable day in Konopiště. Unforgettable not only for us viewers, but we’re sure it was true for the players as well. The third round is a crucial one because it decides who will advance to the fourth and final round. Once again, the Czech national team provided some amazing performances. Five Czech players made it to the final round in the Open division: Three Jakubs — Semerád, Knápek and Veselý, together with Bohdan Bílek, and Matěj Vojtík. In MP40, we will have two representatives, Tomáš Dostál and Lukáš Filandr. Daniel Večeř will appear in the fourth round of MP50. Our oldest player, Karel Kolář, will fight in MP60, just like our two youngest, Petr Striegler and Martin Štípek, will battle for the podium in MJ19. In FPO, we will continue to admire the strong performances Eliška Bártková has given us.

Today’s summary of the best players will start with FP40. Slovakia’s Katka Boďová, still in first place at -8, is followed by the Swiss Natalia Holloköi (+1). Coming in third is Denmark’s Lena Brammer Nielsen, with a score of three over par.

Probably the only category without any upsets is FP50. The standings have remained stable throughout the tournament. Lydia Lykke Hellgren from Denmark continues to lead at +6, and teammates Susann Fischer (+8) and Christine Hellstern (+13) follow her in second and third.

For the MP40 division, the Danish Karl Johan Nybo has a lot to be satisfied with. After today’s performance (-16), he moved up from 3rd place to tie for 1st place with Finland’s Vill Piippa (-39). Swede Anders Swärd is less impressed with his performance, as he falls to third place with a score of -36.

MP50 belongs to the three players that keep exchanging positions with each other. Today it was Sweden’s Richard Kappling and Jonas Hälleblad who shared first place with a score of -24, with France’s Mehdi Boukarabua (-21) remaining in third place.

For us Czechs, MP60 is looking very promising. Despite not yet being in medal position, there is only one stroke separating our own Karel Kolář (in 4th place with par) and Swede Joachim Grahn’s 3rd-place score of -1. In front of them are the Swiss Paul Francz and the German George Braun in a tie for first place at -8.

In MP65, we might have seen far fewer impressive throws, but all five, regardless of rank, deserve a medal just for making it through the tournament. In the end, however, there are only 3 medals and they are more than likely going to Charlie Mead from England (+11), Rudolf Haag from Germany (+19) and Swiss Werner Kuster (+22).

The prestigious MPO division, which is, as always, the most watched and numerous, gave us a lot to be proud of today. Namely Jakub Semerád making it into a tie with three other players, including reigning champion Simon Lizotte. They are all at -23. All 4 of them are a single stroke away from 3rd place, currently occupied by Finland’s Joon Heinänen (-24). The top two will be much harder to catch, however. Leader Niklas Anttil (-34) is being chased by Swede Linus Carlsson, who is only 2 strokes behind at -32.

In appreciating the best performances of this year’s tournament so far MPO’s Niklas Antilla (Finland) and MJ19’s Daniel Davidsson (Denmark) deserve equal praise. After three rounds, Daniel’s score (-30) is only 4 strokes worse than Niklas’—an amazing accomplishment.. His closest rivals, Norwegian Evald Sandermoen Øwre and Estonian Mathias Villota, are now in a battle to decide 2nd place at -19 and -18.

Finnish Silva Saarinen (-6) has a lot to celebrate after her performance today in FJ19 as she fought her way back to first place against the Swedish Matilda Rimgbom (-1). Polish Weronika Zieminska remains in third place at par.

The lead card of the FPO division was the last to finish today, while everyone else was already resting after a long, difficult day on the course. Finn Eveliina Salonen (-12), who despite some hesitation on the putting green on the last hole, is still leading by 6 strokes ahead of her teammate Heena Blomroos (-7). Kristin Tattar finished close behind Henna at -6.

By this time tomorrow, we will know the names of this year’s European champions. One thing’s for sure—you won’t want to miss the action! Make sure to tune in along with us!

The joint EDGF 2021 European Disc Golf Championship, European Masters Disc Golf Championship and European Junior Disc Golf Championship is organized by ČADG with the support of the following partners: NSA, Středočeský kraj, Discmania, Kostka Stav s.r.o.,, město Benešov, Discgolfpark, Lesy ČR a.s., PDGA, EDGF, and Kofola a.s. We are grateful to all sponsors.