Registration Is Open Again


The registration process for EDGC 2020 was freezed after the tournament was postponed to August 2021. Now it is open again.

The registration process is almost the same as before, divided into Individual spots (for the best players in the whole region) and National spots (distributed by national governing bodies). Players who already earned an individual spot for the postponed EDGC 2020 can also claim it in 2021. However, we raised the capacity of the event so that players who declined their spots in 2020 have a chance to compete this year, and also so players who got much better in 2020 have a chance to show their skills.

All countries need to register all their participants and ‘claim’ their national spots by March 1st, 2021. Detailed information about the registration process was sent to all Team Captains and EDGF Country Representatives. If you did not receive it, please contact

We hope to see you all in August!