The exhibition Czech Footprint in Europe and Konopiště in the World on Masaryk Square in Benešov


The history of disc golf in Konopiště began in 2013. Brothers Kryštof and Přemek Novák and their friend, Michal Grepl, wanted to do a tournament in the Czech Republic on a level that they had recently experienced in Finland. A big tournament that would draw the public’s attention to disc golf. The first-ever tournament in Konopiště was the Czech Championships in 2013, with Otfried Derschmidt from Germany taking first place.

A year later, the first Czech B-tier PDGA tournament took place here, which was taken down by Lukáš Jedlička who, despite strong competition, remains the only Czech to ever win a major tournament in Konopiště.

In 2015, Denmark’s Karl Johan Nybo found his way to the win. This was the first year that the tournament was included in the European EuroTour, which drew many international players (mostly from Finland).

A major turning point for the tournament came in 2016, when Konopiště was included in the Disc Golf World Tour (DGWT): 4 tournaments, 3 continents (North America, Australia and 2x Europe) and immense publicity and prestige. All this meant that a lot of new players came to Konopiště, not only from Europe, but from all over the world. German player Simon Lizotte won the tournament after an absolutely captivating finish.

In 2017, the tournament was again included in the DGWT, with the top three spots going to Americans: winner Ricky Wysocki, Paul McBeth, and Nate Sexton.

Organizers took on an even greater challenge in 2018, when the tournament became a Major. This put it on the same level as the World Disc Golf Championships or the legendary United States Disc Golf Championships (USDGC). This was also the tournament where Eagle McMahon celebrated his first Major win ever.

And this brings us to this year’s tournament: the European Disc Golf Championships. The icing on the cake, but also the final chapter to feature Konopiště’s in this beautiful Czech story that captivated the entire world of disc golf. As we step into the last pages, it becomes clear that Konopiště has earned its place in disc golf history and that it will undoubtedly remain a place we can be proud of and which we will never forget.

The joint EDGF 2021 European Disc Golf Championship, European Masters Disc Golf Championship and European Junior Disc Golf Championship is organized by ČADG with the support of the following partners: NSA, Středočeský kraj, Discmania, Kostka Stav s.r.o.,, město Benešov, Discgolfpark, Lesy ČR a.s., PDGA, EDGF, and Kofola a.s. We are grateful to all sponsors.