The Story of Konopiště – mandatory reading


The Konopiště castle park is just next to the town of Benešov, which is approximately 40 km south-east from Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Whole manor is known as the place of last residence of archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este – heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne – and his wife Sophie, who were assassinated in Sarajevo on June 28th 1914. The total area is 340 hectares and is owned by the Czech government.

Konopiště is a renowned location for both Czech tourists and foreigners. The simple reason is its proximity to Prague – 45 minutes by car or an hour by train.

Growing touristic demand sparked the growth of numerous hotels, restaurants and other tourism enterprises. There is a huge car park right next to the actual park, you can ride a tiny train to the city centre, borrow an e-bike or play disc golf.

Wait, what?

Play disc golf? Real disc golf?

Yes indeed! The history of disc golf at Konopiště started in 2013 with Czech Championships. There were over 50 players and some of them were foreigners. Since then, the tournament grew steadily every year.

A window to history: 2014 - the first PDGA B tournament in the Czech Republic, 2015 - the first EuroTour tournament in the Czech Republic, 2016 and 2017 - part of Disc Golf World Tour, 2018 - first ever PDGA Major in Europe outside of Nordic countries.

In the most recent years Konopiště Open was a must for the best players in Europe and in the world, which is why it become a well known term between disc golfers all over the world. Unfortunately the course cannot be set up permanently, so it is only playable during the tournament and maybe a week before. Luckily, there is a very nice and challenging permanent nine hole DiscGolfPark next to hotel Nová Myslivna.

The 6 year long tradition was broken. But we had a very good reason for that. Saving strength and absorbing inspiration for the biggest and more prestigious event that can be held in Europe.

European Disc Golf Championship

More than 300 players from 26+ European countries.

36 disc golf holes on two championship level courses.

Almost 35 000 € in prize money.

August 19th to August 22nd 2020

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In late 2010 we discovered disc golf. And we fell in love. We made it our goal to make it the next Czech national sport. We kept in our minds ever since, building over 60 disc golf courses, organizing dozens of tournaments and teaching thousands of disc golfers. European Disc Golf Championship was the obvious next step and we are very glad we got the chance.

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